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Visual MP3 To Wav Converter Help

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Step 2 - Set Output Options

You can skip this step and convert MP3 files to normal wav format, just like other converter products do. Otherwise, you can specify settings such as Frequency, Channels, Output Folder and Wav Format.

By default, the output folder is the same as the folder of source file and the wav format is PCM 44.100 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo. However, you can simply modify these settings by selecting the WAV Quality combo box (Move mouse pointer over the images to see animations):

You can also specify Wav quality by selecting values in the WAV Format combo box:

You can get more information about these Wav formats by clicking button in the application or click here to read this information.

Don't forget to click Apply to selected title(s) button after changing the output setting. Unlink other converter software, Visual MP3 To Wav Converter enables you to use different settings for different source files. However, you can click Apply to all titles button to change settings for all source files.

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