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With Visual MP3 CD Burner you can burn MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV (compressed/uncompressed) and Ogg Vorbis to audio CD On-The-Fly. The first step is adding audio files to the list window. There are three ways to add audio files:
    1. Click the "Add" button on the toolbar and select the audio files that you want to burn.

    2. Click the " Open" button on the program's main panel and load an existing list from Winamp M3U, PLS or VMB file.

    3. Select the audio files in Windows Explorer and drag them to the program's main panel.
You can click the " Move up" and " Move Down" buttons to adjust the tracks order in the audio CD.

The CD layout can be saved to Winamp M3U, PLS or VMB file by clicking " Save" button.
Why Today's audio CD can only store 80 minutes of audio?

Today's audio CD's store 44,100 samples per second. Since CD's are in stereo, they store both a left and a right value 44,100 times per second. These values are represented by 16 bit integers. In actual fact there is no special CDA audio format. The audio .cda tracks are the same as Uncompressed PCM (ordinary .WAV files).

Thus audio tracks (.CDA) are ALWAYS stored on CDs in 44,100 kHz; Stereo; 16 Bit Uncompressed PCM. So you can only record no more than 80 minutes of audio on a single audio CD. The program will check the length of an audio file before add it to track list.

If adding file which may be invalid?

Visual MP3 CD Burner will check a file first. If it found the file may be invalid, it will ask you to make a decision.

WMA Plugin

In order to burn .wma file with Visual MP3 CD Burner, you will need to install Microsoft Windows Media Format 9 Plugin on your computer. The Burner program will check your system when adding a .wma file and prompt you to download this plugin from the Internet.

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